In the Spotlight: Daniela Spataru

I’m 25, actress, singer and MA in Arts and Education. Romanian living in The Netherlands for almost 3 years. Check my website for upcoming performances in The Netherlands
1. Are you originally from The Hague?

No, I live in Utrecht, but I love visiting The Hague anytime I get the chance. It has a different vibe and the beach is beautiful.

2. What was the best tip anyone ever gave you about The Netherlands?

Anything related to legal formalities.

3. Who or what inspires you?

Anything that stimulates my emotional life. From any kind of art form to a conversation with the taxi driver.

4. What is your favourite Dutch saying or custom?
I love the “Doe normaal” saying. I find myself addressing it also in other languages, to my expats friends, because I really like the meaning of it.
5. Which famous person, either historic or still living, would you like to meet and explain why?

It’s going to sound funny, but I would like to meet the Dutch Royal family. I am sure it would be a memorable experience.

A little outside The Hague – the beach. It is just beautiful, on any kind of weather.

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